OnStream – Watch Free Movies & TV Shows in HD on any device.

No subscription fees, No registration, No login, and all popular movies and TV shows available free in HD; this is what describes OnStream app in a nutshell. 

Therefore, let go of all those expensive subscriptions and install OnStream to stream your favourite content in HD free on the device of your choice.

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What is OnStream ?

OnStream – What makes it one of the best streaming apps?

With OnStream on your device, you have at your disposal unlimited movies and web-series. All you need is to install the app, launch it, look for the desired title, and hit Play to start streaming. Check out some more points below that make OnStream one of the best streaming apps available.

  • No registration/No Account required.
  • Compatible with multiple devices.
  • Availability of multiple servers provide a buffer-free streaming experience.
  • Regular updates in the form of new content.
  • Request a title if the same is not available on the app.
OnStream APK Movies and TV Shows FREE on Android


Totally FREE

No hidden fees, no in-app charges and you can stream without requiring an account.

Subtitles in Multiple Languages

Watch a movie or a TV show from any region irrespective of the language because the app comes with subtitles support.

Multiple Servers

Other than a Torrent server, the app provides you an option to choose to stream from other reliable sites/services. This means buffering is the issue in the past. You can stream high quality content without any lag or disruption.

Download Facility to Watch Offline

Are you about to hit the no internet zone? No worries! You can download content from the app and later stream it offline without needing an internet connection for the same.

Favorite List

Add content as your favorite to avoid looking for it when you come to stream later. You can even share your favorites list with your friends and family.

Daily Fast Updates

Whenever a new title comes up, OnStream picks it up and makes it available to stream the fastest as compared to other relative apps.

Download OnStream

Our favorite application now is – OnStream, install the app, and start streaming latest movies and TV shows free in HD.

We always try our best to give us the latest version of the application, and you just keep visiting for the latest version, and keep supporting us.

Install OnStream APK on Android

Installation Phase 1 :

  • On your Android device, go to Settings > Apps > Special App Access > Install Unknown Apps.

Enable Unknown Sources Option in Settings Android

  • You will see a list of apps installed on your Android device in front of you.
  • If you are going to use Google Chrome browser to download OnStream APK file, tap on Google Chrome from the list of apps.
  • Toggle ON the option of Allow from this Source for Chrome browser.
Enable Unknown Sources on Android - OnStream APK
  • Next, using the Download Link, please download the latest version of the OnStream APK file on your Android device.

Installation Phase 2 :

  • From your Chrome downloads, tap on the OnStream APK file.
  • Since this is a third-party application, Play Protect Warning dialog will come up in front of you.
  • Tap on More Details > Install Anyways.

Install OnStream APK on Android | MOD (No Ads)

  • Provide your confirmation for the permissions required by the app.
  • Monitor the installation progress.
Installation Done, and Open OnStream APK on Android FREE
  • After the installation is complete, tap on the ‘Done’ button to exit the installation window.
  • Launch OnStream App from the home screen of your Android device.

Launch OnStream APK on Android - HD Movies & TV Shows

How to Use OnStream App

The below points will come in handy when launching OnStream for the first time.

  • On the first launch, you will see a Change Log dialog come up. Tap on OK to move ahead.
  • Then you will see dialog box prompting you to login using your email id. However, as said before, this is optional and you can skip it.
  • On the home screen of the app, you will see a list of trending movies neatly arranged.
  • By default, the Movies screen is the default home screen of OnStream.
OnStream APK Movies & TV Shows
  • To switch to TV Shows or Web Series, tap on the Menu icon on the top and choose TV Shows from the drop down.
  • Using the Advanced Search, you can look for the title that you wish to stream directly. However, if you do not recall the name of the title, you can perform a filter on your search using the director’s name, cast, release year, genre, and more.
  • Tap on the title to go to the info screen where you can read the basic statistics of the content that includes cast, synopsis, and ratings. There is an option to view the trailer as well.
  • Once ready, hit that Play button to initiate playback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The app in itself is legal to use. However, since it is tough to establish whether you are streaming copyrighted or private content, we do recommend subscribing to a good VPN service before downloading or streaming.

Development is in progress and OnStream will get available for the iOS community soon.

Yes! The app is free to use with no hidden costs or in-app purchases/charges.

OnStream is one of the best free streaming apps available for Android.

You can skip the login and use 100% services of OnStream without having to register or providing any kind of personal information.

Yes, if you want to have an extra protection with your online activities. This OnStream doesn’t really need VPN, but you can use one if you want to be in safest zone from your online activities.

It’s absolutely working fine, in any case, if you see any glitches with your app, you might be using the older version of the application. We highly suggest you to update with us, and use the latest version to avoid usual glitches with this awesome application.

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  1. What has happened to onstream ? It won’t load at all. I’ve even uninstalled then reinstalled it but it just won’t load 😒

  2. App is not working please restart the server
    In Pakistan timing at 4-5am morning your app stop working till now I am facing the same error

    • Same thing again nd again nd again! Buffering for almost 30-40 secs just to play for 4-9 secs! What i joke you guys have developed.

  3. App work well but no source available from march 28, 2024 as it keeps loading inly (even on high speed network, i already check) , even reinstalled latest version.
    So please resolve it

  4. Please resolve the issue 🙏 please I beg in behalf of every user please don’t stop it or change the domain name and restart the service tell the name on your tellegram group please do fast

  5. Currently have a ‘Cannot Load content’ message which has been persistent for a while now. Can I take it there is an upgrade that will force you to only use 1 specific player loaded with ads or is just a matter of the server being down?

  6. App is not working means it not even opening. I have reinstalled it for like 15 times but still the same error occuring.

  7. The best app for film and movies hands down!!

    Smooth and fast streaming.

    I’ve been using it since last year and I’m so happy I’ve ditched my old streaming box.

    Keep up the good work.

    If there was some affiliate program for sharing that would be great.

  8. Whoever is the developer,he really understands that people need a trustworthy,free service. I’ll say it’s the best app to exist,because it’s made of GOLD! As well as the heart and blood of the developer,Keep it up!

  9. Please be okay I will die without onstream please be okay and let us also talk in telegram account please be okay get well soon i will die without onstream 😢

  10. Onstream is not working in my tv and…i downloaded the latest version but it’s not working..and the first website onstream.so also not opening..

    Please help me i cant live a day without movies and TV shows

  11. Respected all
    Last one week on stream in not open in my mobile or tv
    So i Request you plz ASAP SOLVED my complain

  12. Very good app if it doesn’t keep loading when having internet speed over 300mbps. Please update the app for extra feature like audio change in different languages like subtitles 💓

  13. app not working the link it says are not also working I have uninstalled and installed 20 times if any one have this problem reply yes


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