15 Best OnStream Alternatives | Similar Apps [Must Try]

OnStream Alternatives | Apps Similar to OnStream APK on Android – If you are here then you know about the unparalleled popularity that OnStream APK is enjoying. Only a handful of apps can compete with the quality of service provided by OnStream.

OnStream APK Alternatives - Similar Apps (Updated)
OnStream APK Alternatives – Similar Apps (Updated)

However, like any other app, sometimes OnStream runs into issues as well. Fret not! While the development team works on fixing the issues with the app, you can try apps similar to OnStream APK. In this post, we have covered the same.

Best OnStream APK Alternatives | Similar Apps Like OnStream

  • Cinema HD

Compatible with Android mobile/tablets, Android TV, Android TV Box, Firestick/Fire TV, Roku, Nvidia Shield, and even Xbox 360, Cinema HD, apart from latest movies and TV series, provide access to popular documentaries as well.

Best OnStream Alternative - Cinema HD APK

Features such as HD content, subtitle support, Real-Debrid and Trakt.tv support, and external video player support make Cinema HD a good competitor for OnStream.

You can download the latest version of OnStream, and it’s previous versions from below link – 

Download OnStream APK (LATEST)

  • HDO Box

The tracking mechanism of HDO Box brings content based on your search. Like Cinema HD, HDO Box APK also supports Real-Debrid and Trakt.tv. The thing that makes HDO Box standout is that it fetches HD content with high-quality servers running at the backend providing buffer/lag free streaming.

HDO Box - Similar App to OnStream APK

HDO Box is a lightweight app that lets you stream your favorite movies and web-series free.

  • CyberFlix

CyberFlix app, apart from Android devices, support iOS as well. With features such as Real-Debrid & Trakt.tv support, external player support, and even Chromecast support, CyberFlix provides a highly responsive and lag-free streaming for your favorite movies and TV shows. Tap on the link below to know more about CyberFlix.

CyberFlix - OnStream Alternative APK

  • Stremio

With Stremio APK installed on your Android device, you can stream movies, TV shows, Live TV, and even web channels. The app comes with different add-ons. Post installation, you require choosing from various add-ons to get the content that you wish to stream via Stremio.

OnStream App Alternative - Stremio APK

The app comes with Chromecast support as well to allow you to stream content to the big screen of your TV or PC.

  • Nova TV

While either on most relative apps, you can download one title at a time or the app does not support download at all, Nova TV is different. Nova TV supports multiple downloads at one time. The app covers popular content from different OTT Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more. You can even install Nova TV on Linux (Mint, Ubuntu, and Fedora).

Best HD Movies Alternative - Nova TV APK

  • Pluto TV

If, apart from latest movies and web-series, you love to watch Live TV as well, then Pluto TV is the app you require. The app comes with more than 250 Live TV channels. Moreover, the app holds content from fantastic studios like Paramount, CBS, Sony, Lions Gate, and even MGM. The UI comes with a separate section for content available from these popular studios.

OnStream Alternative - Pluto TV APK

  • AstonCine

If you know ZiniTevi, then you probably are aware that lately they put up a re-branding renaming ZiniTevi to AstonCine. All the bugs that were reported in ZiniTevi by the users are absent in AstonCine.

AstonCine aka ZiniTevi - OnStream Alternative App

Along with that, AstonCine receives a big performance boost as well allowing you to stream your favorite movie or TV show in HD lag-free. AstonCine comes with Air Play, Chromecast, and Real-Debrid/Trakt.tv support.

  • MovieBox Pro VIP

You can stream latest, popular and all the classic/cult movies/TV shows on MovieBox Pro VIP Unlocked. The app comes with features like download support, HD content, and exclusive servers churning out high-speed streaming. Moreover, MovieBox Pro VIP Free is ad-free; therefore, you can stream your content free from all those annoying advertisements.

MovieBox Pro VIP Free - OnStream APK Similar App

  • Flix Vision

Featured as all-in-one application; FlixVision contains latest/popular/classic movies, TV shows, Live TV, and even Anime. Hence, it is a package deal. Moreover, the app comes with more than one streaming links. In case, one link is not working, you can always stream your favorite content using the other link. All this you get to enjoy and that too without those annoying advertisements.

Flix Vision HD Movies App Alternative for OnStream

  • SunStream

If you are aware about CloudStream 3, then you must know that SunStream is a fork of CloudStream 3 and allows you to stream movies, TV shows, and even Anime. Like HDO Box, SunStream APK also comes with a tracking mechanism that looks for the searched content over the World Wide Web.

SunStream App - OnStream Alternative

It comes with the ability to stream trailers, Chromecast support, download support, no ads, and no tracking/analytics.

  • Viva TV

Again, a crawler, VivaTV APK caters to popular, latest, cult, and classic movies/TV shows. With content available in HD, up to 1080p, the app has a powerful inbuilt video player and does not demand any kind of registration/login to use the services.

Viva TV - OnStream Alternative for HD Movies & TV Shows

On the home screen itself, you will see already-available popular titles under movies or TV shows so that you do not have to search for stuff all the time. The app is ad-free as well.

  • BeeTV

Going on since long, BeeTV is still popular among its loyal users. It provides the basic facility of streaming movies and TV shows free. The feature set include the ability to download content, external player support, and subtitles support.

BeeTV is perfect replacement for OnStream Android APK

Moreover, Chromecast support allow you to stream content, in HD, on the big screen of your television or PC. The app is free to use and boasts an aesthetically pleasing UI.

  • MovieMate

Featuring more than 60,000 Hours of Movies, MovieMate app is a must-have for all movie buffs out there. The app even allows you to download desired content and stream the same offline without requiring an internet connection.

MovieMate Alternative of OnStream APK

The development team of MovieMate have made it a secure app so that no malicious cyber entities can affect its operations. With a powerful feature-packed internal player, you do not even need an external player.

  • FilmPlus

Called Terrarium Resurrected, FilmPlus is Terrarium in a new avatar. Hence, if you have witnessed the performance of Terrarium, FilmPlus is a plus over that. With latest movies and TV shows from paid OTT apps available free under its hood, FilmPlus supports Real-Debrid & Trakt.tv, and HD Streaming.

OnStream APK Alternative - FilmPlus App

However, please note that the app does contain ads but fewer.

  • Ocean Streamz

Catering to Movies, TV shows, Live TV, and even Anime, Ocean Streamz app features a simple UI with a selection between movies, TV shows, anime, and Live TV. Just tap on what you want to stream and popular titles, under that category, come up right in front of you. The app features a Watched section that tells you about the content you already streamed.

OnStream App Replacement - OceanStreamZ

There is a Favorites section as well allowing you to save your search result. Next time, when you launch the app you do not have to search for the same title again. Just go to Favorites and start streaming. You can install OceanStreamz on Nvidia Shield, Android TV, Android TV Box, and Firestick/Fire TV as well.

Conclusion – Top 15 OnStream Alternatives (Similar Apps)

Here we are with the top 15 apps similar to OnStream. Intermittently, when OnStream goes offline for the updates and the fixes, you can try any of these 15 apps to make sure you do not miss your daily dose of unlimited entertainment.

Thank You.

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